What is it like having a woman's emotions?

----please answer even if it is anonymously------

I recently read an answer by a Woman here on this site.

the question was "what would we love/hate about being in a woman's shoes?"

one thing seemed to stand out in my mind.

she said(in the things she loved section) that women have irrational emotions that they know are irrational but can't help feeling.

it would make my day to know more about your Irrational emotions, things that you love, guys that you love, stuff that you love, but you shouldn't love, at least according to society?

i love the concept of being unable to control my emotions for a woman, to just have the uncontrollable urge to romance a specific woman. to do everything in my power to make her ecstatic, to really be able to truly read a woman and give her what she really wants, in stead of what she asks for.

I've only met 3 women in my life that made me feel like the true champion of the world and knowing what it felt from my man's perspective to experience them, to be Graced by what I believed to be perfection, to have them look at me and see the desire in their eyes, the passion... I can only imagine what it must be like for you, but I'd love to know

thanks for your sincerity, ladies


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  • irrational emotions I think would be about shopping. Most guys don't get why we need so much shoes and eveything. When we do, we know that we don't have the budget but we buy them anyway.

    for the guys we all agreed that we fall for the bad guys. even though we know it's no good, and even though there's this one nice guy just next to us. (ever seen "he's just not that into you" movie? scarlett johansson fall for bradley cooper(the bad guy), and don't care about the nice guy (kevin connolly) )

    and when we eyed THIS nice guy it's not the one.

    now to your question, try to remember that you'll never be perfect. The perfect guy doesn't exist. Nor the perfect girl. And the way you describing make you feel like pretentious. If you feel so, just don't say it. That's my advice.

    • Sorry about the vibe you got; I get quite passionate about girls and even more passionate when it comes tothe one I like the most( since I rarely have such a strong desire for a apecific woman). I guess it has to do a lot with the fact that not too long ago I was a major loser... And to see a lot of my dreams come true made me feel quite cool haha

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