Favorite Eric Clapton album

Favorite Eric Clapton album?
  • August (It's In The Way That You Use It, Behind the Mask, Miss You)
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  • Unplugged (San Francisco Bay Blues, Alberta, Layla, Old Love, Before You Accuse Me, Signe, Tears in Heaven)
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  • Journeyman (No Alibis, Pretending)
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  • Pilgrim (My Father's Eyes, She's Gone, Born in Time)
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  • Behind the Sun (Forever Man, She's Waiting)
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  • Oh man, tough one. Out of the list, probably unplugged, but I'm more just into specific songs he's played on.


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  • I loved the unplugged concerts, it sounded as if he was using his raw voice and blues power as he's known best for, I also like his album he had with bb king, there is some great stuff in there and the 2 artists styles mix very well. Clapton is best live lol, one of the best live artists I've heard

  • idk, but I love the song layla


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