What is wrong with her?

my girlfriend looks pale all the time, she has dark circles under her eyes, she's become very quiet and she always wears jeans and long sleeved shirts. I don't know what to do
my girlfriend is 6ft under and ill never see her again. its will be difficult but I have to move on, but he was a special girl, thanks for trying to help


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  • Sounds like she needs help. Talk to her about her changes and ask if something is wrong.

    • i have and she just says meh

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    • If it's something deep, there's nothing you could have done, you did make her happy. In cirtain circumstances you can't help...

    • yer, it just makes me feel so useless!

What Guys Said 1

  • maybe she needs to get more sleep.. maybe she's naturally pale which could make the circles more noticable, maybe she's depressed, but one thing's for sure, you need to talk to her about it, not us

    • i have spoken to her but she never answers my questions. that's why I asked this question to get peoples opinions

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