What Does It Mean When A Guy and His Friend Look At A Girl?

The first time my crushes friend saw me, he seemed to get all excited. That was the first, and so far only time that my crush gave me a huge smile. They were loud and showed off a lot.

The second time my crush was with a different friend. It was at a football game and I don't think my crush expected me to show up.

He was standing about a row in front of me, and quietly talking to another friend. At the same time, they both discreetly looked over their shoulder but I looked back at them, and their eyes went straight to the floor and they turned around. (Straight faces.)

This friend didn't show off this time, and neither did he. He seemed uneasy all night. He would sit near me, but he would never talk to me. Is he talking about me to his friends? Good or bad?


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  • He might be talking about you to his friends, but whether he's saying good things or bad things, only they know.

    However, why didn't you talk to him at the football game? If you saw him, and you've spoken before, then I'm sure he wouldn't have minded you speaking to him there.

    • When I see him when he is alone, he usually waits for me to greet him first. Then he pauses and only says one thing, then walks off. But before he approached me once, he smiled to himself. At the game he didn't seem very approachable. It didn't look like he was having fun at all. So that's why I didn't talk to him. He didn't take part in any crowd participation. I'm also afraid to show more interest because I'm not sure if he knows I like him and he just doesn't feel the same way. It's confusing

    • I know what you mean. I still think you should try approaching him again, and see how it goes. Maybe if you make your interest a little clearer, he might reciprocate.

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