Looks and bodies are the most valuable assets, do you agree girls?

It kinda makes me laugh when I hear girls saying "looks don't matter its all about personality" LOL. When a guy is better looking he is more confident and less miserable hence better personality. Better, sexy body means more active, athletic ("Healthy body healthy mind"). So to all the girls in real life and on GAG, I'm sorry but just a big LOL at you for thinking that people who think like me are shallow, smarter maybe but not shallow


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  • looks are important for attraction, you can't be in a relationship with someone you're not attracted too, but looks are also not enough to keep that relationship alive. there's a lot of components in a relationship and how your chemistry is together, how to connect to one another, relate, click together, it all comes down to personality.

    i met this really hot guy in college once, italian stud, tall, muscles, brunette, ugh he was beautiful, of course I was thining man I wish he was my boyfriend, and then when we actually got talking in class, ugh he was so weird and boring, and we had nothing in common, all he'd talk about was clubbing and sex and jersey shore, and retarded ass things, and I want a guy who is smart into nature like me, who believes in the same morals as me, a family man, who actually has substance and is intellectual. I was turned off more than anything in the end. and its not just this one guy I've seen it with many other good looking guys.

    sorry to blab but I also have had a crush on this one guy for years and he's not even that good looking, but we became friends and I was crazy about him we could talk for hours and have so much in common I love his personality so much that he becomes attractive in my eyes and looks don't even matter anymore.

    i think its a learning experience and all about growing up, like the people who say looks are the most important, we think that way when were young and inexperienced but as we grow up and meet interesting people in our life, our definition of love and attraction changes, and I'm sure in a matter of time you will agree with me that personality shouts volumes when you meet a guy that will change your world one day. I just think you haven't met him yet so you feel looks are everything but with time, you will learn more.

    also think about your parents, grandparents or old couples in general, as we age our beauty fades, we get wrinkles, get fat, droopy looking, as an old couple you're not hot anymore, but its the love between the couple that keeps the marriage alive, and its the personality and how well they know each other and bond that makes the love grow stronger, not the looks.

    divorce rates are also high because couples rush into marriage too quickly because they marry out of lust and infatuation rather than pure love and friendship, they like each other through looks so much and sexual attraction that after marriage when the sex gets boring or dies down, there's no personality holding the couple together and the marriage fails. its heartbreaking. and they want to go back to being single so they can find a partner for personality this time and wish they hadn't made the mistake marrying for looks initially.


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  • That's a very whorish idea. All people look different and act different. Don't be an ignorant slut

  • Of course you are right. No one believes the girls when they claim that looks don't matter. They just look stupid when they say that. Looks may not be the #1 most important thing, but they definitely matter.

  • lol I agree. This is obvious


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  • What are you talking about? Looks and bodies is the very very very first thing we notice then comes perosnality, because if you're not attracted to the guy, based on looks and/or body, you're obviously not going to approach him and by not approaching him means you're not gonna get to know him and his personality. So I LOL with you :)

  • I'm not going to disagree saying that "looks don't matter, it's all about personality" because if I went on a blind date with a guy who's god-awful-ugly, I'll probably figure out a way to escape. So yea, looks are important. It's sad but it's true. I'm not shallow, I just know what works for me and what doesn't.

    I think it's important to have some chemical attraction to someone before figuring out you can have an emotional attraction as well. But the thing for me is, I won't reject a guy if he doesn't have the body like the calvin klein models, but I do have my range of standards (ex. rating on the scale of 5-8 on attraction). Also, this 5 rated guy can actually go up +3 because of his amazing personality. But hey, even better looking men have confidence issues, so it doesn't always pan out the way you're presuming.

    And unfortunately, you making this declaration of being superior than others... somehow made you more shallow than I'm sure you attended to come across.

  • The word "personality" entails a lot more than confidence and a simple lack of misery. I think your view is incredibly narrow-minded, and yes, shallow. I don't care if a guy is good looking, confident and happy -- if the rest of his personality is a turn off, there is no way I will date him, because we would never get along.

    Also, how we treat our bodies has a lot do with our mental health. If we are unhappy, we won't treat our bodies well. If we are happy, we feel better physically and do more things to stay healthy. I think a healthy mind results in a healthy body, not the other way around.

    Just my $0.02.

  • no

    • lol what a valid argument (sarcasm intended)

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