If A Guy Had No Interest In a Girl, Would He Still Look At Her?

If a guy wasn't interested in a girl, would he still look at her?

The guy I like will quickly glance at me, then look away. One time he turned around and saw me looking at him, he continued to look back at me. I got nervous and looked away after 3-5 seconds. He RARELY says a word to me though. I will be really friendly when I greet him, but he only says one word then walks off.

Another question, if a guy RECOGNIZED a girl at a public event, would he keep looking at her throughout the night. Even if he wasn't interested?

Some people say that this guy likes me, but some say I'm over-analyzing everything, and he probably doesn't like me. I'm confused, please help guys!


Most Helpful Guy

  • he probably likes the attention you are giving him

    • so he doesn't like me, just the attention and the fact that I notice him?

    • yep..if I was the guy and I am intrested in you..i would try to have a conversationwith you or ask your fb or phone no

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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes. Just to check her out. Guys check out girls all the time even though they don't really find the girl attractive.

    • what if he checks out the same girl more than once?

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    • ok because I think this guy kept checking me out throughout the night. He is always looking at me, but he never approaches.

    • he's probably just shy. and not sure if you're into him too.

  • yeah, if she's attractive, but more than likely he's interested in you but shy or something


What Girls Said 2

  • Or girls haha

    have to put my two cent in

    If he stares at you he at the very least finds something interesting and worth staring at.

  • Sure. A guy can not be interested in a girl, but he can still look at her. Like for example he can like her boobs, butt, hair, clothes. But wouldn't be interested into something serious with her.


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