How should I accessorize this homecoming dress?

pictures or links would be nice, but I guess descriptions work too!


also, would this make a good homecoming dress on me, in your opinion? :)


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  • I like it, but it's just a little plain. However, since your accessorizing it, then there shouldn't be any problems. :D

    I think anything silver would go with this dress =)

    Can't find one, but a silver belt would look nice.

    A clutch purse link (it's homecoming so I doubt that it'd matter if you had one. carrying one around is a pain)

    Necklace- something like this link

    Bracelet link

    I don't really like this one, but my friends are suggesting that maybe you should also get a brooch link

    ur accessories should be a little bit more on the 'flashier' and 'sparklier' side lol since the dress isn't detailed

    I suck at finding good pics so ya...lmao...

    • GREAT ideas! thank you so much!

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  • Looks like a nice enough dress to me. Shows your figure. I can't think of any accessories. How about a necklace high on your neck? Give him a little reason to go "oh, what's this?" and caress your neck in the process. No belt, bracelets, I can't imagine anything on your legs. Be a minimalist. Ok... perhaps a derringer or a shank on the inside of your thigh.

    • thanks for the idea on the necklace.. I'll try to find one like that :)

  • damn!


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