What kind of an outfit goes with a fedora?

I'm planning on buying one and wear it out to the club. I just was wondering what I should wear with it as I'm style challenged and I don't want to look too gangster. I want to look hip yet modern, dressed up for the club scene but not over do it. I was told I should get a white one but I know myself and that will get dirty to easy so I was told to get a black one. So black it is just what do I wear with it? I can't just wear the hat...or can I? LMFAO!


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  • Anything can go with a fadora -

    Find a cute blouse in two colors if you can; like say it's predominently blue, but the secondary color is black.

    Put on the blouse, pants of choice, and put on the fadora.

    I wear fadora's all the time - ( I have a pic of me with one on my profile :D) I rock them with casual outfits such as plaid collard shirts and jeans, or when I go out, with a nice for fitting blouse, pants or tights, and math the colors accordingly.

    Keep in mind when you wear one, your going to attract attention because it's not as common to see people wearing fadora's as much; it will give you a nice unique flare so make sure you put a lot of personality with that fadora :D

    • what about shoes? Heels, boots, flats? What style jeans? How about this...I have a half black and leapord print blouse with a semi open back then I was thinking about getting either a pair of jeans or black dress pants and either some staletto dress shoes what do you think?

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    • trust me I'm the queen of heels at the club! LoL! The shirt goes over the waste line area. It actually goes to butt. So you are saying I should wear leggings in this case and my heels?

    • Now here are my other two question what do I do as far as makeup colors for my lips and eyeshadow and what do I do with my hair? It is med length but not touching my shoulders. It is going over my ears and kinda in front of my face but I wear glasses. So what do I do?

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  • Have feminine touches to keep it too gangster or manly. Maybe lace or a skirt. Shoes that are a bright color, and have that color splash somewhere on the hat (button or something put on it?) might be fun too!

  • First thing that came to mind was to wear a romper, so maybe that would work :D link just gotta find the right color.

    U can also wear a white tank top with a black vest over it. Accessorize with a belt like this link

    Then you can wear skinny jeans with stiletto platform heels :)

    If you don't wanna wear jeans, you can just wear a mini white dress and you can also wear tights under it. Wearing all black is also an option lol.

    • I never thought a romper would look good, let alone with a hat!

    • Haha I think it depends on the person's taste. Some girls can pull it off without looking...odd. =)

    • Some of the examples I saw with girls in Rompers looked kinda cute. Like Selena Gomez had a good pic of her in a romper and fedora!

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