Guys or girl.....what is natural beauty to you?

like how much makeup is too much and do you care if a girl wears a lot of you prefer natural beauty over made up beauty?

& girls what do you wear for makeup and would you be conformable without it
also...does it look like I wear makeup on my face? a lot of people say it does but I dont, why is it so hard to believe that some girls can still look nice without it?


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  • Natural beauty means a girl can still look sexy as hell when she rolls out of bed in the morning.

    • BEST ANSWER! BOOYAH! I might add a girl looks even hotter with her hair all messy in the morning than if she spends a couple hours drying and straightening it ;)

    • Damn. Well, ladies, looks like about 95% of us are screwed.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I prefer no make-up at all. If she does wear it, she needs to understand that it's only supposed to highlight your features, not cover up any flaws.

    So a little blush, eyeliner and mascara is acceptable. Though eyeliner can look really good on some girls (like when she has really dark eyes and really light eyes.)

    • agreed with you completely, I mean I only wear liner and masscara and I only line the top outer edge to show off my almond eyes and macara only on the you consider chapstick like a makeup?

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    • Yes, I consider chapstick to be make-up. Only some girls can pull it off and I only like red or pink chapstick.

    • i have dark hair and blue eyes but they are darker blue not like crystal blue...obviously but I'm a natural blond to and well what if its like clear haha

  • A good looking girl shouldn't need it.

    But if she does wear it I prefer lighter colors of whatever it is that girls smear all over their faces.

    No one likes a clown.


What Girls Said 2

  • I ususally wear minimal make up. Just a bit of mascara if I'm going out and maybe some foundation. I'm totally comfortable without it.

  • I wear makeup, I wear foundation, mascara, black liner for top lashes and nude for bottom. I can walk around without makeup, but I choose to wear it because it's fun


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