Girls.. need help/tips with hair care

So basically here's the thing.. I'm a dude with long hair.. and after the summer my hair gets all messed up Because the sun , salt from sea water.. etc.. and my hair is naturally very dry.. and I try almost everything to make my hair look smoother, shinier , hydrated and healthy... but its like it has no color and no shine to it.. is sucks :(.. and gets super dry right the next day I took a shower and used truck loads of conditioner ..

So my question is.. can you ladies share some tips on how to make your hair shiner, hydrated and would mean a lot to me .. thanks in advance..

and hey.. I just want to have healthy hair.. :p
oh sry .. I forgot asking.. usually people say.. leave the conditioner for like 5mins before washing it of.. if I keep it longer.. would it make it smoother then those 5mins? or is this a silly question lol


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  • theres a lot of good inexpensive products out there, I recommend going to a sallys beauty supply and getting argan oil its so wonderful for your hair and makes it soft and shiny, some brands are expensive but sallys has cheaper versions that works just as good

    theres a brand in the drugstore also called organix they have this keratin treatment oil that's very good

    aussie makes a great 3 minute miracle deep conditioner you can even use it as an overnight treatment just keep your hair in a shower cap

    also try olive oil and coconut oil treatments

    and on youtube search for haircare hair routine there's a lot of makeup girls and gurus that show amazing products that have worked for them

    watch this guy:

    he gives really good tips for men

    also this guy is my favorite and he's cute too lol:

    • ooh and also, if you want salon quality products I recommend going to a marshalls or tj maxx store they have them for cheaper price for awesome quality stuff! the CHI brand is very good, their silk infusion treatment, lanza has a good reconstrutor, hempz makes a good conditioner, I found a lot of high brand stuff at tj maxx

    • hmm thanks alot.. imma investigate these products thanks

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  • Its a good thing 2 do.

    Keep it as long as you can though not that long or else your hair will start 2 fall , even the oil you musnt put it that long Max 2 and a half hour !

    Dont be like me or else almost half of your hair gonna fall away xD ( But I gt then back 8) )

    • this really scared me.. because my hair is my life to be honest haha.. but ill give it a try thanks xD

    • Nah , no need 2 be scared =) Well my hair is my life as well but I jst warned ya ;)

  • From now on, before you go in the ocean, wet your hair with fresh water and put some Nexxus Humectress on it. It's a conditioner. You can buy it anywhere now, pretty much. But you only need a little bit, little for long hair, the size of a big pea. Work it through your hair and it will keep your hair from getting dry & damaged to begin with. Then when you get out, rinse your hair again. I do it with pools too. Saves your hair dearly!

    Wash your hair with a good shampoo like Panteen and condition it once or twice a week, same, Panteen. You don't need salon stuff. I have long hair & it's colored. Twice a month I use a huge blob of humectress on my hair after shampooing & leave it on for 10 mins. & rinse. It's all good.

    Get a good trim now, like an inch. You need to do that at the end of summer to get rid of the dead, dry ends. It will look better & start growing better again.

    If you use a blow drier, use a product to save your hair, like Regis Design Line Defrizz Spray. It's cheap & keeps it from frying.

  • Try using salon quality conditioner. You'd be surprised how much better it works than convenience store stuff. After you wash your hair, put the conditioner in it, get a hair-tie, and pull your hair back into a bun. Don't take it out or rinse it until right before you get out so that it has a few minutes to work. And make sure that you put some split mender on your ends before you go outside. I like to use leave-in conditioner, too, when my hair is particularly dry.

  • Well , I'm used to put hair oil before taking bath and that works almost with everyone . Put some amount of hair oil for about 1 and a half hour then take a bath .

    Whenever you take a bath , just make sure you use hair conditioner which makes the hair silky .After taking bath you can put this kind oil that will make your hair shine.

    Give it a try , you won't loose anything!

  • once a week, put some olive oil in your hair, let it sit for an hour or two. wash it out with a little bit of shampoo. you should be fine :)

    • for real? that oil you put on food? ha ha ill give that a try

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    • not to be dirty or anything, but olive oil works as a lube too, its also unsaturated fat which is good for you, apparently good in your hair, and you can use it as lamp oil... useful useful stuff.

    • HAHAHA. yep...many uses :p

  • Try the Redken line. They have a product in a gold bottle made to soften hair and make it silky. It works wonders

  • I use Wen by Chaz Dean and it works really well. It costs me about 30 bucks and you can get it every month or whenever you choose.

  • You can make your own leave in conditioners for dry hair...with products easy to find at home. Mayo, honey, and eggs mixed together really works (I know it sounds gross but if you leave it in your hair for like an hour --with something covering your hair --like a shower cap...not a hat-then wash really well) it really helps. Some people don't like the smell of mayo so you can also try olive oil (they sell the essential oils in health food foods) and avacado. These are deep conditioners that help unhealthy or dry hair and there are so many recipes . Also, buy a quality leave-in conditioner ( it keeps your hair shiny and moisturized and you don't have to take it out ^.^) Good luck !


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