Bleaching and dying, will this damage my hair? And should I do it myself?

How much damage will this do to my hair: bleaching my hair (not all of it) then dying the bleached hair navy blue? If it's my first time bleaching my hair, should I pay to have it done?


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  • Bleaching will do severe damage.

    If you're going to get your hair bleached, get it done professionally to minimize the damage.

    If you're stuck on the idea of bleaching, I suggest you go in to a salon a week prior to bleaching your hair and ask for an ApHogee 2 step protein treatment.

    And once a week, I recommend you do the ApHogee 2 minute keratin reconstructor treatment. It's simple, you just use it after shampooing your hair once a week and leave it in for 2 minutes. You can purchase it at Sally's Beauty Supply or online.

    And try using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to avoid more damage and cause sulfates can cause your color to fade :|

    There's nothing you can do once the hair is damaged other than take care of it and wait for new hair to grow.


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  • why do you want to bleach it first

    • Cause I'm putting navy blue in my hair and for it to show I have to bleach my hair and then dye it.

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  • yikes, bleaching does tones of damage, my hair starting breaking off after bleaching it! I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself it may turn out very badly and if you are going ahead with it make sure your hair is quite healthy beforehand cause hair can't handle that kind of torchure well. id also suggest a trim afterward and a conditioning treatment a day or two following the bleaching and coloring.

    • Is it OK to do the bleaching and dying the same day?

    • my friend has done it in the same day and it turned out okay so id say yes but give it a bit of a break in between.

  • Hair breaking &/or falling out does happen, so proceed with caution & seek professional help for optimal results. Also, if you're not bleaching all of it, you might consider just dying a hairpiece or extention.


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