Hot Topic hair dye?

my natural hair color is dark brown. I have never dyed my hair in my life or did highlights or anything. I been thinking of doing just one streak of my hair turquoise but I'm still not sure. I was going to get the hair dye at hot topic. its the semi-permanent one. the name of it is "Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Atomic Turquoise Hair Dye". So my question is how long do you think this hair dye will last? if any of you have used semi-permanent hair dye from hot topic before can you tell me how it went and how long it lasted?

Also I know since I have dark hair I'm supposed to bleach it first but I'm not going to since I'm only doing one streak. I know it probally won't come out the color its supposed to be but still.. I just want it to go completley back to my normal hair color once it fades. like I said I never dyed my hair or anything before so I'm kinda scared how its going too turn out. will it be okay if I don't bleach it?


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  • It's not going to work on dark hair. Bleeching a peice will damadge your hair and leave a yellow streak stained with blue. Best just get a clip in streak of color.

    Anyways, colored hair and hot topic dye is long out of style. About 8 years too late.

    • i know nobody buys dye from there anymore but I didn't want it to last that long anyway because I never tried anything like this before. but thanks...

    • No, I ment coloring your hair into unnatural tones is out of style.

      Get a clip in extension, at least it woun't be a commitment

  • I heard their hair dye sucks.


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