How do you look at being dumped positively?

If you really loved a person and they just did not want you anymore. And eveyone told you that they were gonna hurt you...But you did not listen because you loved that person do you look at it positive?


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  • It's tough to do because that just happened to me. I dated this girl, she wanted me "forever" and basically always told me how much she loved me and crap. I was the one pulling all the weight of the relationship, I was always leary of the relationship when I was in it too. Always had doubts, but she was only 22 so I tried to wait out her maturity, never happened. I was told she was fickle by her own brother! Gut told me to walk away, and I didn't. Friends all told me she always does the dumping in relationships too but I didn't listen... She dumped me, hasn't talked to me since and I've struggled over it every day. It's been 3 months and I almost feel pathetic at this point. Today is her birthday and all I can think of is some douche taking her out for dinner and entertaining her. Should have been me.


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  • That you were too good for them, they didn't appreciate the care and affection others would kill for and eventually the person will realize this... but then it'll be too late, you'll have found a better person ;)

  • just ask yourself :what would it be like if you end up together and they turn your life to hell?

    life is not a rose trip! and we are not prefect...count your blessings.

  • Maybe they believe they still have a chance, and will keep trying. :)


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