What should I wear to my BCBG interview?

The manager told me I should come in with three pieces of black clothing. They are very casual, yet stylist at the same time.

Any suggestions?
I found a dress link that seemed to speak to me...lol It's chic, yet classy. I want to wear that with black tights [ I own a pair ]. I'm taking Kate's and LenaLove's idea for a blazer link I'm also taking anonymous's idea of the black pumps [ which I already own. ] And bam.
So I couldn't find the damn dress anywhere ! I ended up buying a nice skirt and blazer from Forever 21.


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  • BCBG and all black.


    t shirt



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  • that's up to your own sense of style, just make sure it isn't

    1) black sweatsuit

    2) black gloves

    3) black dress sock pulled over your head

    you might get kicked out by security


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  • So, I went to their actual website and used items from their stock.

    I'm no expert on fashion, but something like this might look simple yet stylish:

    These pants: link

    Either one of these tops: link OR link

    With this jacket on top: link

    Or this jacket, if the weather is too warm: link

    Hope this helps.

    • Thank you for the ideas(: I was afraid something with strips would be going too far, but I guess it's ok.

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    • No, I meant since they asked for black, I wasn't sure if a pop of color is "acceptable." ehh...

    • Ah, okay. Well, if you're worried about the stripes, you can always go for just another simple black top. :)

  • 3 black items... so clearly they are testing out your sense for style. I always wear black at my job. you def want to make sure to wear the same color black! don't forget about that. you should wear a pencil skirt, a black v-neck, with a black cardigan. you should wear some super cute pumps or flats. accessories would be nice but nothing crazy. earings and a ring or ring and a necklace with subtle earings... make the hair look nice as well! obvi haha

  • black cropped dress pants and black pumps

    sequin black tank

    thin black cardi


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