What do you girls like to wear to go clubbing?

what do you girls like to wear to go clubbing?

in the summer?




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  • Depends on what your intentions are when you go out?

    Summer - nice short dress with heels or shorts with slinky and cool top with heels. Jeans with some cool heals and top.

    Winter - a mini with tights and boots and tight sweater, jeans and same.

    Depends on what the place is like, weather, who I am going with.

    I have noticed a couple guy friends talking about a couple places they go and how all the girls dress like sluts - which is funny since they seem to like it and hit on the girls though. I never thought I looked slutty. LOL.

  • OK, I don't know where abouts your from so if your not from the UK I'm sure that your styles/fashion will vary from mine but here it goes anyway

    In the summer, most girls wear short flowing dresses with either no tights or skin coloured.

    Short dresses can also mean long tops such but not holter as this would keep your neck warm and covered which is not the look in summer that you want. Try having a V neck as this will attract attention to your chest area and make you look more feminine.

    In the spring I usually go for a similar thing, e.g. long tops/short dresses however, perhaps with tights as your legs may get pretty chilly. The fashion in the UK is kinda be spontanteous so I wear for example a black sequined SHORT dress with leopard printed tights as this is not TOO summery but doesn't keep you all covered up. A holter dress/top maybe a good choice in this season as in the breeze your neck and chest will get cold if they are exposed. In the spring nights in can get a bit chilly so I wear a long but short sleeved cardi over my dress - fashion in UK.

    In the winter I wear sometimes something like wet look skinny jeans cause they are warm but look amazing. Usually with a top and cardi similar to spring. However you can't beat a dress so I do sometimes wear a dress, just not a too revealing one as its cold and with cool tights with patterns

    I nearly always wear heels as they look so amazing. my friends and I are pretty much all tall, but this doesn't matter. We feel amazing in heels so we wear them a lot.

    Hope this helps ( :

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