12 physical features, that would make a man seem more manly?

In your own opinions what would they be... ?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Being tall

    Definition in the chest and neck

    Broad shoulders

    Thick arms

    Big hands

    Slim waist to go along with the broad upper body

    Toned core

    Thick thighs

    Toned calves

    Clean cut facial hair (or a f***ing beard)

    Deep voice (so I guess the vocal chords for that lol)

    And yes I'll say it, the man's phallic object

    With the exception of the voice, I think my image of a "manly man" that I listed is similar to a Greek statue. They made their statues have definition as if they were athletes, laborers, or something else that meant the man was active and being physical. I think they did it well to portray an ideal manly shape.

    Just my $0.02 though.


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What Girls Said 3

  • 1. Muscular body.

    2. Some body hair (not a sweater)

    3. Deep voice

    4. A decent amount of height

    5. Ability to do things that require strength

    6. Strong jaw

    thats all I can think of right now

  • being over 6'0'

    having broad shoulders

    facial hair

    big hands

    big feet

    muscles(he doesn't have to be like ripped but have some type of muscle)

    hair on his body(arms,legs, stomach, etc..)

    and mature features

  • 1) Tall height

    2) Broad shoulders

    3) Big hands

    4) Chiseled jaw line/big jaw

    5) Not being stick skinny

    6) Deep voice (not a physical feature really but whatever)

    7) Narrower eyes

    8) Wider nose

    9) Big feet

    10)Facial hair

    11) Body hair

    12) Short hair


What Guys Said 5

  • 1. Stubble

    2. Scars

    3. Rugged look, wear and tear

    4. Deeper voice

    ... and off the top of my head I can't think of many more 'male' features to be honest, 12 is asking a bit too much. I remeber your 'name 25 things about yourself' question, I ended up answering 'i love anal beads' for about 10 of the things

  • 1. Strong manly hands.

    2. Strong, toned arms.

    3. Broad, chiseled shoulders.

    4. Muscular back

    5. Visible abdominal muscles

    You wanted 12? F***that. I might actually have some manly features if that's the case.

  • why 12, you only need 3.

    -Deep voice

    -Broad shoulders

    -masqueline facical feature like a beard or mustache

  • loud car

    jersey shore haircut

    loud music

    new clothes

    lots of bling

    fake tan

    oh wait, that's just what some guys do to compensate nvm

  • Muscles and hair are all you need.


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