He won't even look at me, advice?

So today I noticed two of my friends passin a piece of paper & jotting down little messages to each other trying to not let me see. I got curious. So I tried getting the paper, my friend (let's call him billie) billie grabbed it & ripped it up before I could unfold it. It was weird so I looked at my other friend(let's call her Becca), & she was smiling nd shaking her head. I asked if they were hiding something from me, & after a while. Becca said they were talking bout Billie's crush. I smiled & asked if I knew her. I'm so nosy, lol. He just smiled & said to drop the subject. Becca gave me hints: she's our age, I know her well & I'm super close to her. I thought it was Becca. She finally told me he liked me, I had such a confused look on my face. when I look at him, he smiled then ran from me. He won't even look at me now. What should I do? I didn't mean to embarrass him, I was shocked. He walks away from me. & won't talk to me :( Help!
I talked to him today, it took 30 minutes to get him to talk.
10 minutes for me to get him to look me in the eyes, he wouldn't talk much though, What should I do?


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  • First of all, you should have realized that as soon as they were so secretive.

    Second of all, do you like him back?

    • but they're closer, they've been best friends before they knew me so sometimes I just back off.

      & I don't know, I've never thought of him like tht. so its confusing

    • They may be closer and have known each other longer, but it sounds like they've mutually friend zoned each other. He's confiding in her about you and she's trying to find a way to get you guys together. Makes sense to me, lol.

    • she kind of is. its scary

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  • WOW! He must be really embarrassed. You have to talk to him, but you can't talk to someone who runs away from you, so I would tell him that.

    • how can I talk to him? He ran from me, & after a class I saw him in the hall, I've never seen him walk so fast without breaking out into a full sprint.

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    • You get him girl! *raises fist in the air* =D

    • I'l try, lol

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