Cooking for my man, ideas?

Cooking dinner for my man in like a week dinner ideas to blow his socks off? oh and I can cook ANYTHING
hmm like the steak idea but should mention I am on a strict budget...


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  • Have this in front of him and he will marry you. It is my recipe for a roasted pork belly with perfect crackling, flavored with either honey reduction or Chinese five spices.

    What you will need:

    - One Pork Belly. Cheapest cut of pork, and in my opinion, the tastiest. Goes from $1.59-2.99 a pound. Usually will be no more than $6 for a huge piece. It has one of the largest fat contents of all pork cuts, and is used to make bacon. DON'T be afraid of the fat, it's f***ing good. If there's no fat, there's no flavor, if there's no flavor, you might as well be eating sh*t.

    - Any oil. Olive, granola, ground nut, sunflower. Just don't use peanut.

    - A very sharp knife.

    - An oven capable at roasting at 410 farenheit

    - Salt

    - Chinese five spices (optional, but highly recommended). If you do not want to use Chinese five spices, and want honey reduction, you will need star anise, honey, and coriander seeds, but it will take more time to prepare.


    - Heat oven to 410 farenheit.

    - Pat dry the pork belly THOROUGHLY. If the skin is wet, it won't be crackly. Moreover, you don't want too much water content in the meat, or you end up boiling the meat, which tastes like crap.

    - My secret, trademark step. Use a blowdrier to blowdry the skin until it's absolutely dry.

    - Score the skin, piercing deep enough to reach the fat, but not the meat.

    - Season both sides of the meat with a generous amount of salt. Keep in mind about 30% of the seasoning falls off in the cooking process, so put more than you think is enough.

    - If you use chinese five spices, put some on the meat side of the pork belly, not the skin. If you are using honey reduction, wait till the pork is in the oven before preparing the sauce.

    - Use your hand to rub some oil on the skin of the pork, generously coating it.

    - Put pork on a roasting tray. You can put some water under the pork (but make sure it's not touching the meat) to capture the juices which you can use to make gravy or put in your honey reduction.

    - Place in oven for 410 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, then lower temperature to 320 for 1 hour 45 - 2 hours 15 mins.

    - Serve your perfectly cooked crispy pork belly. Make sure to let it rest for a few minutes before cutting. Cut thick pieces or it will get cold too quickly.


    - You will be using enough honey to coat the skin of the pork. You will be reducing your honey reduction by about 1/2. So it's up to you to gauge how much you'll use.

    - Put honey reduction in pan, at a medium temperature.

    - Pour in star anise and coriander seeds ( not too much, don't want to overpower the flavor of the pork ).

    - Reduce by 1/2

    - When you're about to take it off the heat, pour in some of the pork juices from the roasting tray.

    - Coat your pork belly skin-side while it's resting.


    Serve with a beer for meal-time perfection.


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  • My friend just forwarded this recipe to me -- Chicken and Biscuit casserole -- and it looks really yummy. link

  • Rosemary Bread for an appetizer link

    How about Tuscan-Style Grilled Chicken Sandwich link

    With a side of Garlic Mashed Potatoes link

    And Ambrosia for desert link

    • sounds yummy though might pass on the garlic for um after dinner activities

  • Pasta with chicken is pretty good.


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  • a huge grilled steak with creamy white mushroom sauce on top served with steamed vegetables. or mashed potatoes. sounds good?

    • mmmm try ( chicken biryani) its so delicious and cheap! just don't use the indian recipe

  • Stuffed pasta shells...if you like to have a party in your mouth!


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