Will a girl sometimes tell a guy that they look funny if they actually mean the opposite but can't say it.

I was on a date with this girl who really wanted me to come out with me and she asked me out and asked for my number. I couldn't so I asked her out to dinner another day. She thinks she's sometimes ugly and fat which is not true at all and I'm sometimes picky when it comes to girls and am told that I have good taste. However she called me funny looking which was the first time I heard that from a girl since most girls think I'm cute and often smile/wave back at me. I've been told I look like Chris Brown and Shemar Moore but I get the feeling that she didn't mean what she said but its okay if she did. by the way she can be shy and we talked for a few hours during dinner and she couldn't take her eyes off me once and smiled a lot.


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  • Maybe she was nervous trying to maintain conversation but didn't know what to say. Sometimes people just utter the silliest statements when they're trying too hard.

    • Didn't think of that. It was in the beginning and she did mention she was nervous at first and later asked if I had a girl.

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