Do you think the "You look tired" comment is rude?

People keep telling me I look tired :S I really am starting to feel a bit self-concious about it. I am only 22 but I do have Hypothyroidism and it has been getting worse. So to me it is kind of offensive, since for those why may not know what Hypothyroidism is, it causes fatigue. And not normal tiredness, it's extreme. I know the person cannot know that, but its tough being reminded of it on a regular basis. I would never go up to someone and say that to them. I can understand if someone I know said it, but random people who I do not know saying it, just brings down my confidence :(

I realize I shouldn't take it so personally, but its hard for me not to. Especially when I thought I looked good that day. And I actually put some effort in. It's hard for me to look nice day in and day out, the temperature differences make me go crazy. I am either sweating a lot of freezing. My disease also causes temperature sensitivity :S So ya, it just wasn't nice to hear that.

What do you all think?

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  • From people I know, it doesn't phase me, except a couple of people that know I've had sleeping problems lately due a back injury. I hate random people asking me it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Its rude, not an expression of concern. Critique of other people's appearance is always rude unless is a compliment. Looking tired is not good whether you feel tired or not. Your sleep habits, what you did last night, what medications you're on and your health profile are not anyone else's business. Responses: I'm not tired and I didn't realize I looked tired until you pointed it out. -- I'm not, but since you brought it up, I and other friends have noticed how bad you've been looking for the past few months, you have bags under your eyes and you look like you've aged 15 years. Have you been sick? -- I am a bit tired, now that you mention it. Are you gaining weight, those jeans look like they're going to explode and you could rent billboard space on your ass, and you have a muffin top from behind.


What Girls Said 5

  • Do you think the "You look tired" comment is rude? No then again I'm not self-conscious or that uber sensitive that I take a true statement about my looks negatively and project them being rude to spare my ego

    It'd be like me being upset if a person said I looked sweaty...that would be a wonky world though I rarely sweat XD

  • It's a bit rude from random strangers, but who knows -- maybe they're simply concerned.

    People will sometimes tell me I look tired, too. I just respond with, "that's because I AM tired."

  • I see why people would take it in an insulting way, but I can't say I find it very offensive :o

  • sometimes I do, lol

  • Yeah I hate when people say it. I have hypothyroidism too actually, I have since I was born, but my whole life I have taken synthetic thyroid hormone to make up for it and I'm not supposed to have symptoms unless my dosage is too low.

    I hate when people tell me I look tired, but I don't usually get told that unless I actually haven't slept, though I am prone to dark circles, but my doctor says it isn't related to my thyroid since it is under control. However people also used to tell me "Why don't you wear concealer?" That feels even worse than "you look tired".

    Don't worry, looking tired does not mean you aren't pretty but I feel your frustration.

    Do you take medication for your condition/see a doctor regularly? I don't know if it would help dark circles, but I know that if your levels are too low it definitely can cause those other symptoms that you have.

    • Yea, my levels are probably too low. I would see my doctor more regularily but her hours are not flexible, and I live 45 minutes away with no car :S I had to move for college, and my doctor doesn't seem to understand how hard it is to get in to see her. I have to wait until my mom is off, she works 12 hour shifts sometimes 6 days a week, but I am hoping to see a dr soon. The tired comments are not helping me feel better :P Especially when I know something is wrong.

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