Ladies if you were a guy what physical appearance and style wise woman would you want to go out with?

What personality, race, height, general style? What type would you go for?


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  • I'm not sure, I certainly wouldn't go for these fake boobed, peroxide blond, fake tanned girls that all guys seem to want these days. I'd probably go for a brunette, not too loud not too quiet. I'd like her to have a sense of humor, and maybe be a surfer or at least into the beach. I'd like her to be about 5'6 (im only 5'4, but if I was a guy I'd hopw I was tall haha), thin but fit looking. She'd have to be into the same stuff as me, so she should be into music, like to relax sometimes, but also like to go out clubbing too. Oh and I'd like her to be the type of girl who wears a singlet and shorts, or a hoodie ha ha is that specific enough?


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  • well I'm bi so the girls I go for are genrally people similar to me and my group of mates (gothicy and dark) I hate pleasers if they start to kiss ass it would annoy me I loves girls that are who they are and stand up for themself but I can only go with quiet sexual girls I hate friged ones XD


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