He's embarrassed about not shaving (his face)

Alright so this guy that I've been seeing is usually clean shaven and I like him that way. Sometimes he's just too tired to shave and he gets a little scruffy. He always acts so shy when I tease him about his facial hair! Like he'll seriously get embarrassed and try to hide his chin! I think it's cute and even though I like the clean shaven look, it's not like I hate the scruffy look. LOL is that big of deal? I mean he has really blond hair anyways!


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  • Yeah. Don't do that. People are usually very self-conscious when it comes to people they like. It definitely hurts his self esteem. Don't do that.


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  • just tell him you love him anyways, and you don't care.

  • No your obviously joking about it cause you like it. Just throw in an its realy cute and rub his beard. That way he will know you like it.


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  • So you are intentionally trying to pick on him and hurt his feelings? Nice. Maybe you'd like it if the next time you put on a couple of pounds he poked your belly and said something like "Hey you're getting fat?"

    If you love someone, be nice to them and care about their feelings.

    • Um I'm not picking on him to hurt him -- he knows I'm joking and I think he's rather cute both ways. I think telling someone their fat and joking about having a little stuble on a guy's face is completely different.

    • Or he'd put his hand to your belly and say he felt the baby kick.

    • What if I'm really pregnant...

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