What makes a women look exotic?

i've been told that I'm really pretty and that I look exotic by almost everyone I meet

what exactly is exotic ?

i am asian but I have big eyes and I'm tan my hair is long thick and wavy I'm 160 cm and weigh about 53 kg does any of these add to my so called exotic look ?


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  • High cheekbones

    Almond shaped eyes

    Golden/bronze skin

    Thick curly hair

    Full lips

    Or if you have certain features that belong to a race that you're not (i.e. black person with naturally green eyes)

  • I am same as me according to what you descried as except that I have small eyes (and I like them lol). Never heard someone saying "exotic" though, since I live in an area that contains a lot of backgrounded-people area I guess..

  • I'm Azn and I have White bf, he tells me, it's our eyes mainly that make me look 'exotic', my hair though is straight and pretty long, he likes that on me as well. They also say they like the sun kissed hue of Azn girls, that's what my bfs have told me. Idk, that's all the reasons I can think of.