What body type is most attractive on a woman?

super skinny with bones sticking out everywhere

slim/skinny maybe ribs slighty seen and hip bones

athletic toned muscles

average fat her and there not tiny but not necessarily overweight


very big obese


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  • Tall & lanky.

    One of my friends always says "you & those tall lanky blonds"

    I've got my eye on a tall lanky Brunette with spindly legs just to screw with him.


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  • Healthy, toned & in shape :)

    A girl can be healthy toned and in shape while thin, average or thick(like Beyonce)

    There are *some* chubby chasers or twig chasers, but not too many.

  • In the normal weight range for her height. This means that maybe the ribs or hipbones are slightly seen but do not stick out a lot.

    So normal weight, does not look very skinny or heavy or chubby.

    hourglass shaped-has curves. Waist is significantly smaller than the hips, the universal waist to hip attractive ratio is 0.7 which means that your waist is about 70% the size of your hips/your hips are about 30% larger than your waist.

    A big butt..not necessarily huge but round and sticks out, not flat or very small

    Toned body...tight stomach and toned thighs, not stick skinny thighs

    Nice chest. Doesn't have to be really big but many guys like big boobs, but definitely enough boobs for a guy to be able to squeeze well in his hands. many girls consider a C cup to be universally attractive but I think it depends on the body. On skinny girls I would say a B or a C, but on a girl who is average weight and has curves a D would probably look nice even if she is not fat.

    • The waist is suppose to be 75% or 10" smaller than the hips and bust for an hourglass.

    • Yeah I figured something like 10 inches but 75% smaller makes no sense I think it would be 75% of the size or 20% smaller, because say a girl has a 25 inch waist, for her waist to be 75% smaller her hips would have to be 100 inches for that to make sense, and no one has hips that large

    • Good description.

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