Tee-shirts. Liiike "uniquely" designed shirts. I already know about threadless, designbyhumans, jinx, and uneetee. Are there any other cool sites to get shirts from? D: I'd like to be a little more original. I'll have to admit. it's a little annoying to see someone else wearing one of the shirts that I have T-T;;.

Oh I'm sorry, I misplaced my adjective, I meant to say "Are there any other site to get cool shirts from?" Dx


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  • link

    I just found this site last week. All of their clothes are from indie clothing lines, which means a lot of original stuff (not just t-shirts). I love it :]

    And if you go to "Cool Sites" at the bottom of the page (under "Essentials"), they list a bunch of other fashion websites.

  • Cool shirts with a message - link :)