How to get guys to look at me?

So, like any other question, mine is about boys.

To me, it seems guys look at me and see 'friend/sister material'. I were nicer clothes (apparently my baggie clothes were hidding my figure) I were make up (not much) and I keep up with my hair. I joke and laugh and really friendly. a lot of my guy friends have gf's and they're all rude and snobby. I would hate if I had to act like that to get a guy to look at me. What should I do ?


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  • Stop wearing makeup, and talk to guys. :D


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  • You don't have to be rude and snobby, you're problem is that you're probably not dressing slutty enough. After that just make sure you're friendly and that you're personality will attract guys. Guys like girls who they think they can score with easily.

  • well, if you want them to LOOK at you, then, yeah, don't wear baggy clothes, wear your hair down, etc also, you have to look naturally attractive to a degree...


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  • What should I do? Look attractive or find a guy who doesn't think looks are most important...better chance with looking attractive

    Wear clothes that fit your body shape

    Lose weight if you're fat or have fat

    Don't wear makeup instead focus on a skin regimen to get clear skin

    Find a hairstyle that you like that doesn't require much maintenance

  • wait for the right guy :)

    be yourself, stay sweet

    maybe work on your own confidence / interests


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