Is this smooth sailing?

Hey guys and girls, I hadn't been on here in things must have been going well. (much love to my E-counselors)

Recap: I asked out my best male friend on his birthday in July and we hadn't really talked until August since we were both really busy. He didn't really give me answer but our first convo went like this: normal stuff, then he said he had a really bad winter except for the times we spent together. And we need to go back to “our” place (a nice little restaurant we went to in the winter and spring). And how he missed me. I was so happy after that convo.

And the next weekend we hung out and he was really flirty (more than usual) and he asked me if I was “in the dating scene”. And he was like he wasn't either, he couldn't do the date a different girl a week. He wanted something more stable than that. Then later on, after some drinks, he asked me about my past and why I liked a person we both know. The whole night he kept hugging me, touching my face, hair, leg and staring at me. And then he heard I invited two friends to my aunt's birthday and he said he wanted to come too.

Later on in the week I asked him if he still wanted to come or if that was just the booze. And he was like, no he wants to meet my family. So he came, I was shocked and happy. Then we talked the next day. Now I have not heard from him since... almost a MONTH later (only contact through scrabble or Facebook comments/likes on my stuff). I Haven't contacted him since two weeks ago and no reply...I called last night and waiting...

What's going on? Are things still smooth sailing and I am just freaking out?


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  • If things are meant to be they will be. I wouldn't stress over something that you really don't have any control over. I was talking to a friend of mine on here asking about every detail of their conversation and what it means. That with a few other friends who I dismissed it as just being nervous and the constant barrage of questions about the meaning of body language I came to realize you girls over analyze things. Relax, go with the flow, and take things easy. Have a thicker skin, don't be so quick to judge every action, and don't dismiss someone because of one little quirk/flaw. Best thing to do is wait it out and see what unfolds.


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