He had a crush on me and now his new girlfriend looks similar to me.

so this guy used to really like me and I liked him too but I was too shy to respond. that was a few years ago I recently bumped into him on FB he's new girlfriend looks a lot like me...obviously not identical, their are obvious differences i.e height, ethnicity and even hair type. however her facial features are so similar to mine. and I'm not seeing things because a few other people alos agree.

so guys what is up with that? was she a replacement even after so long or am I just looking too into things lol

is this normal and do I and his current girl just fit into his 'type' lol



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  • Oh wow I know how weird is it? One even had the same name as me, nowhere near as cool though obviously. Trying to replace you haha

    • i know its weird ain't it...hmm why do you laugh when I said 'replacement' do you fink I'm looking into things way too much lol

    • Nah I'm agreeing that it's pretty sad and slightly weird of him :)

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