Tonight Miss Universe - which one is your bet?

I just wanted to ask, the contest is in my city so there have been many news about it so I went to check the contestants

Most look very plain with just a good make up...

Brazilians are really hating Miss Brazil I think she has no chance

My vote is for Miss Canada/ Miss Australia/ Miss Netherlands

we know its more of a political thing so China might have a better chance of winning

but based on looks only what's your guess?

First Place:Angola Second Place: Ukraine Third Place:Brazil Fourth Place: Phillippines Fifth Place:China ...


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  • Lol Miss Botswana looks like Michelle Obama, I'm going with Miss Haiti though just because.

    • yeah I knew she reminded someone, you are so right about Miss Botswana

    • Miss Angola was adorable. And thanks for best answer [:

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  • Based just on the faace, I'm liking Miss Romania the most.

  • I like Argentina, Hungary, Croatia and USA, but that's based only on their faces. I wish there were one page where you could see all their bodies.

    • Interesting the ones you pick have similar features like the eyes...i guess you have a type

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    • Of those 5, Brazil and Philippines are clearly the hottest, in my opinion.

    • Just got a look at Venezuela in a bikini. Good GOD!

What Girls Said 3

  • my favourites are

    miss finnland

    miss usa

    miss czech republic

    miss chile

    miss albania

    miss argentina

    and miss australia

    i can`t really decide I think the are the most beautiful and I think you are right I also think some of them are plain with good make up...

    • From your list Miss Australia was the one that got until final 10... She is really pretty don't know judges didn't like her ...i really thought She would get At least 3 rd place

  • They used to show that competition on TV when I was a kid. I loved it!

    Now the Miss Sweden competition is held by a men's magazine and the Miss Universe competition is not mentioned anywhere...

    • They will show on TV here I think its been 3 years they started to show it here...

  • Miss Kosovo! :D


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