What if a guy continues looking at you even when you catch him looking at you?

Whenever I see him from afar, I always see him stare at me and he doesn't stop. When that happens, I make quick glances like I look at him them then I look down, then I look again, this time longer, then I look down, then I look up again. There was even a time when he followed me with his eyes and head! But then when I looked him in the eye once to say hi, his eyes rolled up and to the left as if he was disgusted with me and said a very sarcastic sounding hello ( I think it was sarcastic). When he's near, he never looks at me. He never says hi. What does this mean?


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  • I think it says he's kinda creepy and weird and you should start ignoring his stares because I seriously don't think you'd have any real interest in him as a boyfriend or whatever. Some guys go on a rampage of staring at girls they think are cute and doing just as you said. If when you notice or catch some guy doing that, if you're not sincerely interested in taking that further, you're far better off on ignoring him completely until he make a more direct approach and then you can go from there. Hope this helps.


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  • Weird !,

    may be he is playing hard to get!, and maybe he did that not to lose his face !, but still so weird !

    i think you'd better ignore him at all and see what he would do.

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