Does this outfit sound sexy or slutty? wheres the line between the wo?

People at work say I dress sexy but not appropriate. Do you think there is such a thing? How would you differentiate between the two?

Is this outfit inappropriate? I didn't think so:

Long sleeve white blouse

Tank top under it, a little cleavage shows under the blouse but minimally

Black high waisted pencil skirt, on the fitted side but hits the top of the knee and no high slit

Solid colored heels

Do you think someone can look sexy but not trashy? If so do you think it helps people get ahead, even if they don't realize it?
So if a guy tells me that I am very attractive and that I dress sexy but not slutty or inappropriate, I should just take it as a compliment and not worry that he thinks I'm trying to be seductive or whatever?
*I meant sexy but not inappropriate in the first paragraph...sorry about that


Most Helpful Guy

  • That outfit sounds pretty standard office attire to me. And yes you can definitely be sexy without being trashy.

    • yup. That would be a compliment. And it sounds like it would also work if you wanted to be seductive too.

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What Guys Said 3

  • the girls who are saying it, are probably jealous

    the guys who are saying it, are probably upset they don't have the confidence to approach you

    you can't "dress slutty". clothes don't define you

  • it also depends how tight the clothes are but to me it doesn't sound inappropriate

    • the skirt isn't skintight but def on the tight side and shows off my butt a bit, but the blouse is not tight or particularly form fitting, like a normal button down blouse for work

    • I think you're good to go

      I don't see anything wrong with it but it also depends if your company is conservative or liberal.

  • sounds sexy to me. and yes I do think someone can dress sexy but not trashy.

    • @ your update: yeah take it as a compliment. no need to worry about him thinking you're trying to be seductive or anything. you may need to worry about him making a move though, unless you want him to lol.

What Girls Said 2

  • That outfit is not slutty.

  • Fine.


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