Eyebrows on girls, shape and color?

do you think Megan fox has nice eyebrows? I think they are what make her gorgeous, anyways, I have naturally arched brows but they are lighter colored but because my hair is black I dye them a medium brown, how else could I achieve her eyebrow look?

* I fill them in to achieve a greater thickness but what do you do to your brows & what there shapes look good to you.?


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  • I might be one of the few ones, but I don't think Megan Fox is the ultimate women in terms of attractiveness. Sure she's pretty good, but I kind of think she looks fake. That includes her eyebrows.


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  • Her eyebrows make her gorgeous because they fit her facial, facial features and facial structure. Her eyebrow shape won't help you because you are not her.

    Get your eyebrows shaped for your face shape/structure.

    • well when I went to a salon they told me that my shape was good for my face, I have oval with high cheeckbones and almond eyes, in terms of structure I would say we are similarly structured but mine don't grow in thick, any tips on that?

  • I think she is fake-looking though she does have a certain attractiveness. And yes she does have nice brows.

    You can't really change your natural shape only work with it. I think the best way to take care of brows is to get them professionally shaped-threaded or waxed every 2-3 weeks. Don't do them yourself unless you are just tweezing stray hairs from the bottom, but stay away from ones that are attached to the brow at all because you will probably tweeze too much. Happens to me every time, so now I only pluck ones that are like an inch below my eyebrow, those random ones.

    Besides for getting them shaped, fill them in with a pencil and then put clear brow gel over it to hold them in place. Make sure it is a color that matches and doesn't turn a funny color because I've had eyebrow pencils that turned my brows yellowish or orangey looking, and don't put too much pencil or it will look fake, apply it in light strokes.

    That's what I do for my brows. I don't have super "slanted" brows like she does and mine are on the thinner side but the threading every 2-3 weeks as well as filling in makes them look great.

    • thanks that sounds good, m natural shape is a high arch but my eyebrows aren't thick but I'm working on not doing them myself lol

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