Does she like me or is she just into me because I have the new nike air pegasus 28+ trail edition?

I don't really have those shoes, I don't know where that came from. OK, so I'm just curious what you ladies think of a girl who is single, pretty to the point where she gets a good amount of attention, and gets hit on a lot. And because of this I don't hit on her at all. I'm just there as a friend and tell her a guy's point of view on things. I didn't ask her out before because she had just broken up with a boyfriend at the time and I didn't feel it was good timing. We aren't best friends or anything, but I think we are both attracted to each other, and she comments once in awhile on my photos on fb (I know that is the end all be all there, fb) and takes the time to meet me when I ask her out when she's available. So to make a long question...less long...what are the key differences between a girl who just wants a friend, and a girl who wants more...anything more?


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  • Loved the title. I was at first like. -_- then I was like o_O, and then I xD.

    I know I'm a guy, and this was geared towards girls.. In my experiences, every girl that has acted similar to this with me, has wanted nothing more than a friendship from me. That being said, I've ended up ruining them eventually because I've fallen for them and then found out, they didn't want anything more than friendship. lol

    BUT that could be only my experiences. lol And she could be different. Who knows.


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  • Honestly, I don't think girls care.

    • Oh wow. I figured you'd continue rambling about those shoes. Guess not! And, when I want more than just friends, I am more touchy, I smile more, I text them often, and I have been known to use pet names. When I am just friends with a guy, that's it. No prolonged meaningful hugs goodbye, they can text me first because I honestly don't care if we text before I see them again, etc.

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  • I have those! Those shoes have gotten me so much ass.


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