Low cut shoes for skinny jeans?

Im a semi built 19 year old dude. I recently bought a bunch of skinny jeans and they just don't seem to look right with my grey supra's

I figure its because the shoe tongue always sticks out of my pants because I slightly roll them inward (they are too long).

I am looking into buying a new pair of "tongueless" shoes that I think would look good with my inward roll style.

So far really leaning toward the VAN E STREET shoes. Or maybe boats. Any suggestions?

Would the E street low cut vans look good with dark skinny jeans?


Most Helpful Girl

  • yea they will. boats look cute with skinny jeans if they are just dark blue or black. crazy colors it looks really weird

    • Thanks! My favorite pair of jeans are really dark blue. But the vans are slightly greyish so I figure they will look good with my other "semi dark" blue jeans. Correct?

    • yea. lol sorry I'm trying to color corridnate this the best I can

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  • What ? I think hightops with skinnies are hott - it would look fine, but if you really don't like it then go with Van e street shoes.


What Guys Said 2

  • I wear toms and converse with my skinnies.

  • skinny jeans are mad GAYYYYYYY

    • Only if they cling skin tight to your calve. Sorry I don't want 10 inches of extra fabric laying around my shoes.

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