When he's talking to girls he doesn't look to see if I'm jealous...but... Does he like me?

The guy I like ignores me but Without fail, every time I'm talking to a guy my crush is staring at me. But when he's flirting/talking with other women I never catch him looking over at me to see if I'm jealous. I also do my best not to get caught staring. Does he like me? Is he trying to make me jealous or a player or something?
He told me he likes me on the past, but I get confused cause he ignores me the next day after he talks to me. Then he talks to other girls, so it makes me back off again and again


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  • Maybe because he's into his conversation and doesn't want to interrupt orrrr he's playing games. Or there's a possibilty that he doesn't like u

    • im going through the same situation. Guys are plain a$$ they say they don't play games but theyre way off

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  • He could be doing that, but why don't you talk to him? End this mad game.


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