What kind of swimsuits do you recommend?

I was just wondering do triangle top swimsuit makes your boobs look bigger? Also what kind of swimsuits do you recommend? Maybe some pic of the swimsuit plz? =3 thanks!
Im trying to get my 34A to look like a 34B Help plz? =D


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  • Halter top bikinis are the best for that. Bandeau tops would also work. I personally like solid colored bikinis. If those aren't good enough, you can always purchase the push up swimsuits by Victoria's Secret...lol

    link - bandeau

    link - VS push up bikini

    • Lol! However I Victoria's Secret "push up" only use women who already have big boobs. Would it actually work?

    • Yes lol they added the Miraculous push up to their bikinis, which is supposed to add 2 cup sizes.

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  • They don't necessarily make them look bigger. A pushup would be more likely to do that. But the advantage of the triangle top is that it gives your body a very natural shape. This works well on girls with perfect bodies. If you have big firm boobs, nothing will look better on them than a triangle top because it's basically the next best thing to being naked in terms of shape and natural motion.

    • Then go for a push up. Definitely don't use a triangle top if you're trying to increase the size of A cups.

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  • Try some padded or push up tops . They aren`t as common , but they work for my friends .


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