Would a fat girl like a guy with an athletic body?

well, there is this one beautiful girl in my marketing class (we are doing our Masters) She is overweight, but she is extremely beautiful. And me I'm an good looking guy with a great body. I'm 90% sure she is okay with the way I look lol. However, I heard some 'big'/thick girls are not into guys with an athletic body.

so, are fat girls into guys that are athletic?

P.S. I'm 6'3 with body most girls says that is perfect body.


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  • Its Not That Big Girls Aren't Into Athletic Guys . They Are Trust Me But I Feel That Theyre Just Scared Of Getting Hurt Because We All Know What Athletic Guys Are Known For You Know Its Kind Of Hard To Believe That a Guy Like Yourself Would Be Interested In Her .. So I Simply Wish You The Best Of Luck Andd I Really Hope You Can Make Her Happy (:


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  • Oh that's sweet you see past her looks :)

    I'm fat too and I tend to be attracted to tall guys who are either thick/chubby or athletic. Do you mean muscular athletic or lean athletic? I am primarily attracted to like the big football player type bodies but am flexible as long as I find the guy cute.

    We all have different ideas of what we find attractive, but I highly doubt your body would be a problem. I know some big girls who have said they specifically don't like bigger guys "2 big people together don't look right" is a quote from a former friend,

    I know other big girls who are with guys fatter than them. It depends on the girl

    the main thing would be her wondering why you like her? When a guy who is stereotypically hot shows interest in me, I usually get a bit suspicious to be honest and I wonder if he's trying to use me or if he really likes me. You just hear so much bad stuff about how guys feel about fat girls, that if a guy who has a really nice body is interested in you, you wonder if he has bad or good intentions. Every girl doesn't feel like that, but I suspect a lot of us big girls do

  • I think most bigger girls are into athletic guys but like BGeeeh said, they'd probably think something like "Why would a guy like him (all athletic and stuff) would want to be with a girl like me (overweight)" and some would rather play it safe than risk it. But hey, go for it. I think its worth a try :)


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  • Of course some if not many fat girls like guys who are athletic. She might feel that she's not worthy to be with you. So be nice to her and ask her out. Good for you for liking those bigger girls.


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