Do guys want a girlfriend who acts like a dude?

Do guys want a girlfriend who acts like a dude? Meaning, she talks like one, does every sport like a guy, has jobs that mostly men would only do..but it hot as hell and dresses somewhat slutty


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  • and not moody like a guy, and doesn't over think stuff like a guy, and doesn't complain about little stuff, and doesn't really let all that hormonal sh*t get to her...sounds chill

    • so if she drinks and smokes, sounds like a trucker meaning every word that comes outta her mouth is f*ck, talks like a perverted old man etc...that's chill too?

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    • well now I can see why all men are into this one girl in my area. To me, if I was a guy I wouldn;t want to bring that home to meet mommy and daddy. I would figure guys would want someone polite and who can act like a real women...guess not

    • my parents just want me to be happy with who I am with so I don't think they would mind and she would hopefully have a bit of a filter like most guys do

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  • I don't really think it makes a difference to me. I have nothing against girls doing guy stuff but only if that's how she normally behaves. I wouldn't expect or want a girl to change her personality to suit others.

  • Sounds awesome to me. Minus the dressing slutty. Not a fan of that. Guys bring less drama, so a girl who thinks like a guy will bring less drama. Plus common interests are one of the elements of compatibility.

  • No. I would want her to act feminine. I'd be fine with whatever job she does, but if she dresses somewhat slutty and is hot, I'd be really uncomfortable with her working around a lot of dudes.

    • See I know this girl, who is beautiful. Dresses kinda slutty, but has a huge trucker mouth! She sounds like a perverted old man, she smokes, drinks etc. Every guy seems to want her and I don't get it!

    • See here's the thing. I assume when you ask us this, you mean in the context of a girlfriend.

      Men look for potential sexual partners and potential girlfriends. The range of girls seen as potential sexual partners is much bigger than potential girlfriends.

      For me, such a type of girl is not girlfriend material, and although some guys probably do like it, I think most men agree on this.

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  • most guys I know don't have trucker mouths. spit, or smoke.

    wtf are you talking about anyways,

    how do you know what a 'guy' is here are over 3 billion... have you done double blind studies on all of them, using methodology, universally accepted as completely objective, unbiased, non bigoted, by experts from varying schools of thought?

    • You obviously didn't read anything...I'm asking if guys like that, if women that act like dudes get more attention and if that's what they like! I wanna know if a girl that talks like a perverted old man, smokes, drinks, says f*ck constantly etc etc BUT is very attractive...if men would rather that over someone more conservative...that is all!

    • you asked if a guy wants a woman that acts like a 'guy' and I'm saying you have no idea what it means to act like a 'guy' because there is no such thing as a 'guy. there are over 3 billion different guys, in the word.

      this is needlessly bigoted.

      plenty of women smoke drink curse ... you chose to call that a guy. its just people who smoke and drink and talk about sex.

      you could have asked guys if a woman is hot and smokes and has perverted thoughts and an obscene mouth --would they like that.

    • The reason I asked they way I did was because the people that know who I am talking about call her a dude with a hot body..they think she acts like a dude but is hot...and I want to know if most men find that datable or if they see those kinda girls as "I would spend one night with you, but then go find me a real girlfriend"

  • Why would you want a girl to act like a guy? Express your femininity don't try and act like a guy women just to get men! That is so stupid.

    • I'm not saying I'm going to try to act like a dude...I just wanted to know if men prefer women who do because I know a girl that acts like a guy and every guy wants her not a word of a lie this girl has guys crawling over her and I didn't get why guys would want a girl that a guy..I would've thought they would want a girl that was somewhat girly..not say f*ck for every other word

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    • I agree,..sometimes I think I should be single too!

    • Lesbians are lucky they don't have to deal with men!

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