I sort of had my eye on his friend. HELP! I'm in a frenzy, guys please answer?

Okay, so when school started, I liked this kid named...JOE. Joe had liked me all summer but I wasn't sure if we were good together and I sort of had my eye on his friend bob instead, we got to school, JOE asked me out, and I thought sure why not. we started to date and I instantly ended it, saying we should just be friends. JOE still has hope that we will last, but as the weeks went on, I began to like his friend bob more and more, we are both hunters and archers(archery) and hung one night at bass pro, where he met my dad and I met his(our parents hunt too). I thought he might be flirting with me, since he always talked about things we had in common, and said He and I were the best archers in our outdoor class. Then today the guys asked me if I liked bob and I laughed and said gross(probably not the right word, I know) and they said bob would be----- and then was cut off before they could finish. I didn't Tell anyone about liking bob so the question was extremely random.

Do you think it is wrong to hurt JOE like that, and do I have a chance with bob? PLEASE REPLY


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  • You should tell joe that you like him as a friend, but are not romantically interested. You should say that you would like to hang out with bob. i.e. Ask him if he would like to do sometime some time.


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