I look similar to how I look in the mirror when I take a pic of myself but when others do?

i look absolutely hideous. why is that? I'm not amazingly gorgeous, but I'm okay. guys tell me I'm cute here and there but I was super ugly back in the day so it doesn't exactly help that I'm having this issue. help? :(


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  • what makes you think your ugly to other people?

    • i used to get called ugly & I look horrible in kid pictures ha ha so I'm like 'ehh'

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    • that not cool at all... maybe they were jealous.. I've never seen anyone do that in high school. I'm sorry you went through that. :(

    • yeah.. well hopefully I have a better self esteem/outlook in the future :)

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  • I guess it depends in the camera or the different gestures you make.


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