Is this a cute idea to give to my crush? Guys help me out! =P

I'm interested in this guy I worked with, another guy I liked turned out to be a idiot so moved on from that lol. But the guy I like agreed to go shopping with me to buy plants for my house :) so I had agreed and promised to give him a Taylor swift poster about a week ago and what I did was take cutouts of Taylor swift to make a little poster for him... With like her quotes and song titles like Fearless, and Today was a fairytale, love story those types of things, but I wanna make sure that's not going to make me a wierdo lol or something I don't know is that a cute idea for a guy or to much?


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  • So long as it looks like a collage, and not the sort of home made shrine poster a stalker might have, then it'll be fine.


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  • does he like Taylor Swift? is he a fan?

    • Yes he is he loves Taylor swift lol. I gave it to him today and he loved it :) said it was going on his wall ha ha ^_^ he gave me a hug to so that was a plus!

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