If a girl looks at you a lot, does it mean anything?

so, there's this girl in my class and I noticed she kind of looks at me a lot. Every time I look back she either looks away, or acts like she's looking at something else like my book...

This morning she said Good morning... And fainted a smile as she kind of rushed away...

So, I was thinking if it could be cause she likes me, or cause my haircut might look funny or something.

so what do you think?

oh, and go ahead and ask if I need to explain more.


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  • I think she thinks you're interesting at least ;) It's a common thing that girls look at guys they're interested in, and then look away when they noticed the guy looked up. Try talking to her :P And I don't think your haircut looks funny, so I don;t think that's it haha


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  • It means that you got dirty clothes, or ''kick me'' sticker to your back! Check if she's also giggling!

    • must be a sticker... I'm always clean when I'm at school...

  • she's giving you signs man, probably she likes you; just go to her and talk;

    • I guess she's shy then? I mean, she doesn't seem like she tries to contact me.

    • no she tries contacting you by her looks, and she's shy but it not a problem, if u're not a shy guy just get to know her more to see clearly what is it about :)

  • when girls look at girls that way it means they could be interested so she might be interested in you so just ask her out, because she's just waiting for you to ask her out.


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