What does a guy think when he is told by a girl that he is good looking?

When a guy is told by a girl that she thinks he is fit (good looking) does a guy think anything about it? (especially when they're in there late teens and are both not single and don't know each other incredibly well)

Will his opinion on the girl change? and will he think it is slightly awkward around her or not?


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  • I probably wouldn't notice. It is a girl's thing. Girl's like to be told that they are beautiful (mostly). So they expect that we like that the same way. Not true. Of course there are guys that need that and like that very much. But not so many. So in best case I would think that I was noticed for my looks. In worst I would not notice at all that something happened.

    If you wan't man to notice, it is probably little better idea to tell him that something he did was great! And how he did was great. Also does not work every time, but I think you have better chances to get better results with this. [See, when girls who are friends meet they compliment their looks. Boys never do that! They say sentences like: "You are the boss!" "You rule!" "King of the jungle!" :p. It's not about looks for men. It's about who they are and what they did! ]

  • I think most guys would think that she thinks he's attractive?...


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