What are guys in their late 20s looking for in a girl?

this guy I'm seeing is 28 and I'm 25, we both have told one another that we like each other. he's very sweet and we have a lot of fun together. But he seems scared and hesitant to want a relationship. Is this normal for guys his age and how can I get closer without scaring him off? and he always says to me " what am I going to do with u? :)" I'm a very cute way but I was just wondering what he means by that?


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  • Honestly because you suck. I am 28 and was dating a 23 year old and we really liked each other. I eventually fell in love with her and we had tons of fun with her. She was all about the long term thing and being in a relationship, but got cold feet when I discussed the future and how serious I actually was about her. She totally broke my heart and really ruined the whole concept of love for me. I'm not interested in dating, I am not interested in hooking up, nothing. I'd rather be alone than hurt like I am now.


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  • It is normal for a guy of any age. Guys pay a big price for entering a relationship. First, they have to open themselves up to being able to emotionally connect to you. Guys don't do a lot of emotional anything with another person. This is not saying they don't have emotions, they do, they just don't generally do it with another person. They hold it in. To be openly emotional and share their feelings with another person is a big deal.

    Second, they generally are the ones who are paying for initial dates, making the moves and trying to accommodate to doing things that a girl likes, which is usually quite different than what a guy would choose to do if it was just about entertaining themselves.

    So, if a guy is not really ready for a relationship and you are not the girl who will inspire him to go there, he may enjoy your company but he won't make the moves for anything beyond that. Guys still like to keep their options open with girls as sexual attraction is hard to turn down, but he may not be ready for anything else with you.

    So enjoy his company and wait for him to move it up to something more. Until then, keep sex out of it. This is all about getting to know each other enough that he can let his guard down and connect with you. If he doesn't get there, sex won't fix anything and you will just feel used and confused. Good luck!


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