Never had a boyfriend, cute or weird?

If you were an 18 year old guy who has had at least a few gfs over the years and you know a single 16 year old you are attracted to, is it cute or weird that she hasn't had a boyfriend?

I get told I'm pretty/cute by guys and girls, and heard guys say I'm hot, but usually cute more than anything and I have a great personality is what I've heard. I have an outgoing personality but because of that I'm afraid I come off a little bit of a ditz without meaning to at times. People at school know I'm smart but he doesn't cause he doesn't go to my school and I use bug words around him (NOT looking like I'm trying to hard, it's just how I speak). I'm a size 2, so it's not that I'm "fat". What is it that makes me not girlfriend material and is it cute or weird?


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  • Adorable

    • Is that supposed to be condescending? Sorry, just things get misinterpreted online lol! Please explain

    • Understandable...He will/should think it's cute. It kind of puts him in a more dominant position in your relationship, being the more "experienced" one and all, and he will like that...It might not seem this way to you, but it's very normal to have your first boyfriend at 16. That's pretty much the average as far as 1st boyfriends go...Enjoy your high school/teenage years.

  • It doesn't matter.


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