What things make you consider dating a girl vs being her friend?

So I grew up around boys and girls. A pretty fair mixture. I like to spend time with both sides when I was little. I grew up in Texas and Indiana and Ohio so I was raised on country music, atvs, fast cars, golf carts, and hard work. As I got older, I started getting into pop music, nicer clothing besides jeans and a t-shirt, and make-up. I wanted to be like the people I went to school with because at my school, conformity was a big thing. We had uniforms and people were very judgmental on the way you did hair, if you wore make-up, the music you listened to, religion, etc. So now I am a mix of being a girlie girl and a tom boy. So I guess what I wanna know is, if you were thinking of me as a potential girlfriend, would one of the things I said make you re-think and decide to only be my friend? What is it about the type of music I listen to, what I do for fun, where I grew up, and how I act would make you make the decision. (I am honestly not going to be offended by anything you say. I know everyone is different and looks for different things and you don't know me beyond what I wrote, so please be honest. I'm just curious what is most popular)


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  • hmm, well for me, the tom boy personality, not looks is attractive, by this I mean its appealing to me. If you dress girlie than that also a plus to, why because you will be into the things that I would be into, and could share the same fun together, without you being stuck out. would it make me re-think, probably not, most likely not, if I'm in to you as a girlfriend than I won't change my mind to a friend unles you did something that was unattractive to me, and I would begin to wonder.


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