Pageant time. What color dress?

Ok so I have strawberry blond hair and a pale complexion. My color is kinda like a blue or green,last year everybody wore blue or white or pink! I want a mermaid type dress that starts flowing out at your butt. I was thinking a light purple color what do you think? And my hair is right at my boobs. How should I wear it? I'm going for a kinda natural look so I don't want so much tight curls and a lot of hair spray!


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  • i read strawberry blond and immediately thought BLUE :) I think a blue or light purple dress would look great. Do loose curls so your hair looks nice and wavy.

    • Ha that is exactly what I was thinking of doing! I did a blueish greenish dress last year though

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    • No problem :)

    • thanks for BA :)

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  • I say purple too. I wore a dress to a ball, that was light purple, and I have strawberry blond hair and a light complexion too, and I got compliments all night on how good that color was on me. And for hair, either to wavy, or put it all up in loose curls, with some hanging down, but most of them up. I think that is really pretty.

  • Pink or light colors would look best on you. Your hair could be long and wavy.


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