Where to shop for jeans if you have a unique body style?

Since I am skinny and tall (6'4") I can never find jeans I like or khaki shorts that fit me right. I wear a 28x36 which is really really hard to find and it limits me what I can wear ALOT. For shorts and shoes it doesn't matter but anything like pants or shorts is terrible since my legs are really long but skinny too.

I can only find like 32x36 at most but nothing else. And when I find shorts that fit around my waist the are like 5 inches above my knees.
im getting great help here,


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  • Many places are going to have to order them for you. Stores keep a general selection of jeans in stock that follows a bell curve- the most common are the easiest to find, and the uncommon are really hard to find.

    I LOVE Gap jeans and they are great quality for the price. Look for them!


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  • Go to Burlington Coat Factory or something like that. The have a kinds of weird sizes at those warehouse stores.

    • *They have all kinds of...

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