Wardrobe disaster need some help

i have always worn preppy brands such as hollister, abercrombie etc not for the name but the style of clothing just went well with my laid back personality. pretty soon I will be changing, or maintaining my wardrobe and I don't know if I should stick to the style I've had most of my life, or if I should buy other things from stores like express or h&m. a lot of factors go into this as I am going off to college soon in new jersey and from what I've heard unless I'm wrong most guys at college wear what I wear now, and if that's the case I might just stick to my guns. idk, what do you guys think
or mayb be more casual and just wear sweatshirts and plain tees and sneakers
you guys are looking why too deep into this... I have no problem adding other clothes to my wardrobe.. the simple question is keep wearing what I've been wearing because its a cool style or would it benefit me to change up my style


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  • i think what you should be concerned about the most is BEING YOURSELF. Don't change yourself to 'fit in'. Wear whatever makes you feel good.

    All my life I had long hair, wearing skater clothes, wearing hats or bandanas EVERYDAY. But now I'm in college, I'm really starting to adjust to jeans and a plain tshirt with nerdy running shoes. (dont judge me lol).

    Under all those clothes is the same guy. Just be yourself man.

    • thats what I mean... I'm not changing ME to fit in.. nor my clothes.. but if I can pick between two style I like, and one of them helps me settle in college more why not do it?

    • again, that's entirely up to you. whatever makes you comfortable

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  • Do you like motorcycle jackets? I have always thought that it looked so hot with just jeans and a t-shirt. I find it very laid back. I have friends who wear V-necks and Khakis.


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  • Wear what you feel comfortable in.

    When you talk about trying to fit in by wearing certain clothes, that sounds pathetic.

    • lmao no ones tryin to fit in buddy, but wouldn't you feel more comfortable in an environment where you share a common interest with other people (in this case, your style).

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    • I'm not a poser. Where did I imply that I would try to fit in based on style? I wouldn't go to a metal concert because that's not the kind of music I like.

      But if I really liked metal bands, I would buy their shirts and it wouldn't be a matter of fitting it. It would be a matter of being a fan and support my artist.

      You view it as wearing clothes outside of your element so nobody looks at you funny. That's called being a poser.

    • I was talking about a hypothetical situation. But someone who wears Lacoste, and Polos could very well like Metal, and want to attend a metal concert. Would it be wrong of them to maybe wear girl jeans and a metallica tshirt like you said to maybe not feel alienated?

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