Do any of you girls have superficial mothers?

Do any of your moms treat you based on how you look like on that particular day? My mom tends to treat me like crap when I might be looking a bit chunky and tells me I am not beautiful on that day and when she sees me putting on makeup before school, she will say that its a waste of makeup since nobody will look at my face. Also, when I'm having a bad hair day she noticebly treats my little sister better since I look worse in comparison or when I am looking good, sometimes my mom would excuse some of my behavior and yell less at me and talk to me more.

It seems like I have no reliable parent who I can turn to for help. My father rarwly talks to his children because he's a workaholic and my mom for some reason hates me and easily blames me for anything.

I have no friends either in college. Sometimes the lack of support system I have drives me insane when I feel down or am having a bad day, I just want to overdose on some pills and kill myself.

What can I do in such cases? Do any of your moms treat you based on how you look?


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  • Yes I do. My mom has been trying to get me to wear make up since the 4th grade, she calls me fat but then her fat ass is chowing down on those giant hershey's bar and mac and cheese everyday. I can make friends easily, but because of my schedule changes and we all live far away, I don't keep them long because then I don't see them anymore.

  • No, But I have a Superficial Grandmother.


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